SkinMedical Research and Diagnostics
Experts in Confocal Microscopy and Dermatopathology
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SkinMedical Research and Diagnostics is dedicated to providing timely, accurate evaluation of normal and abnormal skin both via traditional biopsy and Dermatopathologic interpretation, which is required in some settings, and via virtual biopsy using Confocal Microscopy.  As the Confocal Microscope images skin non-invasively, it eliminates the pain and scarring associated with traditional biopsy and allows for dynamic evaluation of skin over time.  Actively involved in both diagnostics and research, we combine experience and established criteria with the latest breakthroughs to provide our patients and clients with the most comprehensive results possible.  Our reports and services are client-customized to ensure ease of interpretation by the end user.  We also are dedicated to advancing the fields of Dermatopathology and Confocal Microscopy through collaboration, research, and teaching. 

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